Buy Suits Canada – The Tint The Costumes Are Traditionally


cut in dark colors, at least those intended for formal or professional use, in shades of gray and blue. For a first buy suits canada, the navy blue or the medium gray are the safest choices, especially in their plain version. It is the assurance of the most versatile costume possible, as comfortable in the office as a social evening, or a wedding.

“I recommend a gray wire, super 120’s. A gray not too light or too dark, with a mottled aspect clean wire, which gives it a beautiful depth. Stephan Ricard, co-founder of Samson

“A rather dark suit will suit all seasons and will be easy to match with the basic colors of men’s wardrobe shirts. Medium gray or navy blue are the two basic colors. Philippe Blaire, Key Account Manager at Smuggler

The most common patterns are stripes and tiles. The stripes, usually white, can be thin (tennis stripes) or wide (chalk stripes), the latter being often connoted “bandit” and little worn nowadays. The tiles have been coming back for a few years, including the famous Prince of Wales motif. This one, in spite of a completely rustic origin, is today perfectly accepted for buy suits Canada. Mostly declined in shades of gray, it exists in more or less melted versions (that is to say with more or less marked tiles). Less discreet, I will not advise for a first buy suits canada. Another type of tile that had disappeared from the collections and is gradually returning: the window tile. It is large contrasting tiles on a plain background.

And for those who would not dare the motive and who do not wish a simple united, it remains the false uni. These are woven fabrics that form the motif, and therefore seem to be united from afar. The chevron tone on tone will for example have a nice effect of material while remaining on the plain.

The fabric

The most common material used to make costumes is wool. This natural material is a good thermal regulator and can be worked in many ways, giving tissues with a varied appearance. Combed then woven, we obtain the linen or the serge of wool, fine and smooth fabrics. It can be felted to give it a fluffy touch, so we get flannel. Carded and not combed, the wool is thicker and rougher, it is tweed.

“Favor pure wool fabrics, Italian of course. A Super 120’s fabric offers a very good compromise comfort, finesse and durability. Stephan Ricard, co-founder of Samson

“Fine fabrics (above Super 120) are to be avoided; as well as fancy fabrics “Michael Ohnona , tailor

Cotton and linen are sometimes used to make summer costumes, usually in beige or brown tones. Light and comfortable to wear, they crinkle very easily, which reserves them for a casual use (arriving at a meeting in a suit all crumpled is not the best effect).

Other more luxurious materials are also used in the making of costumes, cashmere or silk for example. However, because of their high cost, they are often incorporated in a small proportion in the fabric, mixed with wool, to provide softness or shine. Beware, the extra cost imposed by these rare materials must not result in compromises on the cut or quality of garment. It is better to have a suit well cut in a simple wool, than buy suits Canada in vicuna and silk, of mediocre manufacture and haphazard cut.

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