In addition to hotel nights

The cheap car rental of private minibus and chauffeur includes:

– In complement of the nights of hotels

– Maximum daily use: 4 consecutive hours then 1/2 h of break then 4 consecutive hours

– Expenses of life of the driver: INCLUDED


– Insurance “all risk” type: INCLUDED

– Highway fees: NOT included

(40 to 50 Baht per trunk around Bangkok, equivalent to approximately 1 Euro)

– Parking costs: NOT included

(totally symbolic outside of Bangkok)


– Some of our competitors offer prices based on “Fuel NOT included”

– Read carefully their internet pages to make a wise choice

– Our competitors Travel Agency in Thailand never offer credit card payment fees. These fees are, for Thai travel agencies up to 5% and are then added to the amount of your final bill.

So be attentive by reading the “Terms and Conditions” and “Terms of payment” before choosing a serious partner to organize your trip in Thailand or interogate with us; no detail is futile, no question is annoying.

The bank charges of payment by international transfer are ALWAYS at your charge in their totality (emission and reception). This still represents around 30 Euros (inquire with your bank or on their website.


– Our drivers are not English speaking and even less Francophone

(they would be French speaking and would be a driver!)

– Sometimes they speak a basic English that allows better communication for simple things

– To understand also that the English that most French people believe to speak is comprehensible THAT … by other French; both the intonation is false and the choice of words is not common.

– In no case can the drivers act as a guide.

– The guide trade is very controlled in Thailand, professional license Tourism Authority of Thailand. Checks and repressions against false guides is increasingly severe in the sites, during road checks …

– During your visits the driver stays with his vehicle and your luggage.

– Our service “ASSISTANCE-TRANSLATION” (French-English-Thai) is there to help you during all the duration of your services with Hansathai Travel.

– Our trips with a French or English speaking private guide allow us to discover ALL the very different aspects of Thailand. The cost is of course not the same as a simple car rental with driver.

– At the same time as your Booking Order you must indicate the total of your planned visits which will be reported on the rooting of your driver.


– Maximum 8 passengers and 8 suitcases / 1 minibus

(whatever the age of the passengers cheap rent a car

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