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Applying a building film has advantages in terms of energy saving. The adhesive film offers protection against heat, glare, vis-à-vis and discoloration. The building window film is designed to provide all the comfort you need inside your home or workplace and is easily cleaned with soapy water.

Decorative Window Film

Restore style to your windows by putting a decorative window film on your glass surfaces. Still do not know which glazing film to choose? At My Tinted Film, find a wide range of decorative films tailored to your needs.

What is the purpose of a decorative film?

This type of adhesive design film is designed for decorative purposes to beautify your home, such as stickers. It is an aesthetic solution that will brighten your spaces and change the mood of your room. Applying a self-adhesive glazing film is an alternative to installing new glass. The decorative film comes in different patterns, effects and colors to make your windows unique. Easy to glue but also to take off, the film for glazing can be replaced according to your desires. It keeps your privacy and personalizes the design of your facades with ease. Thanks to a solar film, the light is softened without losing its intensity and you are protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

The characteristics of the decorative adhesive film

Adhesive films are resistant. Their installation and maintenance are simple. You can opt for a transparent or translucent, colored or patterned film for a design decoration at a price. The installation of the film can be done indoors and outdoors. The decorative window film is also an excellent means of visual communication for professionals.

Film to decorate your glass surfaces: for whom?

Whether you are an individual or a professional, the decorative glazing film applies to all glass surfaces. It can be used in different environments: offices, commercial premises, shops, hospitals, schools, homes, etc. For any purchase of a decorative glazing film, ask My Tint Film for advice on the choice of product. Guaranteed delivery and secure online payment.

Decorative film

Decorative films, like curtains, keep your privacy and add aesthetics to your interior. This type of decorative adhesive film allows you to customize your PVC windows as you wish. It comes in different patterns, colors and finishes to meet all tastes. At My Tinted Film, find our wide range of products tailored to your needs: patterned glass film, color film, frosted film … The installation of a decorative window film on your windows is the way to protect you from UV and light. Solar energy   while caring for the decoration of your interior.

Opaque or blackout film

You want to stay out of sight and protect you from the opposite, the opaque film is the product you need! Installed on the windows, this film obscuring glazing hides the visibility but unlike the blinds let the light penetrate inside. It can also be used as a decorative film. Also called film discretion, tinting your windows preserves your privacy. A wide choice of colors is available.

Window film: which product for which need?

Find a wide range of products for all needs. Whether it is to protect against UV and heat, preserve its privacy, customize its interior or secure the building, our window films will satisfy all needs. You can put the adhesive film on the windows of a house or office and on the windows of a store or shop and have a better design than blinds, in addition to easy cleaning.

Solar film, anti-heat, anti UV

The characteristics of the solar home film allow a rejection of the heat that passes through the glazings, without reducing the brightness inside the building. The glare caused by the sun’s rays is reduced, which increases the comfort of the occupants. With its anti-UV properties, the solar film building glazing preserves objects exposed to ultraviolet and infrared rays, against discoloration. Solar films improve the thermal insulation of a building and are a perfect alternative to air conditioning.

One-way mirror film

Acting as a real anti-gaze breeze, the one-way mirror film allows you to see without being seen. Like a mirror, this one-way glazing film returns the image and light on one side, while maintaining visibility on the other side of the glass. For single or double glazing, this discretion film presents a wide choice of colors. Do you want to apply a mirror-like glass film on a glass surface? My Tinted Film helps you choose the right product for you.

Security and protection film

In order to avoid the bursting of the glass (or the frosted glass), the installation of a security film for glazing is recommended. This security adhesive film protects against the aggressions of the outside also of the light, it can be transparent or not. It also guarantees the safety of people in the event of broken glass. It strengthens your window; it can be transparent or tinted.

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