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Finding a home insurer is not very complicated but what is more difficult is to find a home insurance at the right price. For this, it is necessary to obtain tariffs of several home insurers in order to compare the guarantees, the franchises and the prices.

Why compare home insurers?

Home insurers will charge different rates for the same profile. It is therefore important to compare them to choose the offer that best suits your needs. There are indeed signs at higher rates than others, standing out with very comprehensive guarantees just as there are insurance companies “low cost”. The reason for these pricing differences lies mainly in customer service and not in warranties. Subscribing to a “low cost” home insurance company may therefore allow you to access more comprehensive guarantees at more affordable prices, but you will be in contact with this insurer only by telephone.

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Home insurance: my home is in flood zone, what to do?

Question from Quentin, 32 years old,

Hello, my plan is to buy housing in a flood zone. The risk of flooding is indicated in the blue zone, how to choose my home insurance to be compensated in case of water damage?

Hyperassur’s expert answer

What is housing in a flood zone?

A flood zone, also known as a flood plain, is an area that has been flooded or flooded in the past, endangering people and buildings in the area.

How do I know if my home is located in a flood zone?

To find out if your home is at risk of flooding, you can ask the local town hall.

As part of a purchase or lease, a state of natural hazards (ESRIS) is obligatorily established and signed by the buyer or the tenant to sign the risk.

What is the risk?

Floods are a major risk in France whether it is a river that comes out of bed or a flood caused by a rise in water table.

In any case, floods are often catastrophic for homes, men can be evacuated in time without risk of drowning.

The risk of a flood then has consequential losses on your home, in terms of furniture and personal belongings that have taken water.

Home insurance: the flood guarantee

Every owner must be informed of the risk of flood in the sales agreement according to article L 271-4 of the Construction and Housing Code. The same is true for tenants with an appendix to the lease.

In the event of water damage caused by a flood, the multi-risk home insurance provides for a compulsory guarantee called “Natural disasters”.

The Natural Catastrophe Guarantee compensates the damage of a flood if:

The accommodation is located in a building area

An interdepartmental decree recognizes the state of natural disaster

Before you buy a home in a flood zone, consider reading the document named ESRIS to be informed of the risks to which your home is exposed.

In the info graphic of the site Slogger, one can find the questions to ask oneself before the purchase of a housing in flood zone:

In what type of flood zone is the dwelling located?

This refers to the different areas defined by the PPRI, with dark blue areas being the most vulnerable.

Has the housing already been the subject of a disaster?

Are the cellars sometimes subject to water infiltration? (Because of the rise of groundwater in particular)

Buying a home in a blue zone is not risky, homeowners will accept insurance with coverage for all claims. On the other hand, you can take into account the flood risk to negotiate with the owner the price of housing.

Finally, if the risk of water damage is too high, give up the purchase of housing.

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