How Can Manufacturers Create Powerful Unboxing Experiences Using Packaging?


Unboxing products is something all of us do quite regularly. Almost all kinds and types of products are packaged in Custom Boxes that make storing, shipping and retailing them a lot easier. To create powerful unboxing experiences for their products is the ultimate goal for all product manufacturers and retailers and is also something that can boost their sales through customer satisfaction and loyalty that is a by-product of that.

There are many packaging strategies that can help with powerful unboxing experiences. However, the few tried and tested ones that have been working great for decades will always be some of the most common. You can never take color out of packaging or compromise on material quality while using custom printed designs for your packaging to their maximum potential as well. Here are a few packaging tips that can provide much loved powerful unboxing experience for your customers:

Bold and the Beautiful

Bold and beautiful is not just for models and super-fit people, it also is true for other things around us like product packaging as well. However, for Custom Printed Boxes especially for retail purposes, colors and design patterns are the two boldest and most beautiful features your packaging can have. Catchy and fast colors without getting too much in the face with fancy patterns and printed designs are some of the best options for Custom Packaging boxes. Have a look at a couple of bright and vivid packaging boxes with beautiful printed designs below:

However, bright and attention-grabbing colors may not be the only option available. Simple text printing in embossing, debossing or foil stamping options with darker more subdued colors can also do the trick when done right. Consider this dark gray single tone color option with a bit of fancy surface treatment:

Strong Durable Packaging

One thing that never fails to deliver a strong powerful message to customers when it comes to packaging and Custom Boxes is their actual strength and strong feel. Using high-quality materials like corrugated cardboard for small to medium retail products or woods and even metals for large shipping or storage products can make that difference when required. Additionally, corrugated cardboard materials are also very design and print friendly that makes them perfect for retail products as well. Here is a corrugated cardboard box that can keep packaged products safe with its rigid materials and can also deliver a powerful image for the manufacturing brand as well:

However, when you have large and fragile products or even deliver food items on a large scale, using extra large wooden boxes is the best idea. Be sure to provide air vents in your wooden box for your food items to breathe if your shipping is destined for longer distances. Here’s a good example of a wooden shipping box that can be used for products from many different industries:

For different needs and requirements, different strong and durable boxes can be used. For retail stores and shelf based sales where unboxing is done on sales shelves by customers and products are placed directly in functional packaging, this following durable packaging idea can work great:

Voice of Prints

Who says packaging doesn’t talk? When done right, Custom Printed Boxes can have a voice of their own and can lay down powerful messages with a unique unboxing experience for customers. Brand logo and names along with product names will be perfect for a lot of retail products like technology products, cosmetics or fashion clothing while beautiful and cute printed designs will suit prepared foods like cupcakes or pies better with their perfect thematic designs and beautiful visual appeal. This box below shows how you can use your brand logo with elegant Custom Boxes and make a powerful statement about your brand and product while charming up the unboxing experience for your customers as well:

Looking for those cute cake, pie and macaron Custom Printed Boxes designs, here are a few great examples that highlight product designs as well as their own perfect beauty:

Packaging Box Customization Options

When looking to enhance the unboxing experience for your customers, customized packaging with product specific features works great. Some products like men’s grooming kits or other electronic equipment come with more than one parts and can be served best with Custom Packaging that has inner tray separated sections to store all parts in an organized presentable way. Here’s a great example:

Other retail products will need perfect tray and sleeve boxes in different shapes to keep them safe and also provide a powerful unboxing experience as well. Here’s an example of a slide-out tray and sleeve box that also has a pulling flap on its side. Yet there will be other retail products like hot foods, grocery, home appliances or many shipping products that will require customizations like clear front windows, here are some printed boxes with die-cut clear window options:

Yet some cosmetics, technology and shipping products will require custom tray and attached lid boxes for extra protection, here’s a box with magnetic lid closure option that brings a great unboxing feel:


Surface Look and Feel

Another major factor when it comes to providing a top level unboxing experience for your products is how good the surface of your Custom Packaging looks and feels. You can go with elegant printing finish options including embossing, debossing or even foil stamping to create powerful boxes for your products. Surface finish options including matte, gloss, spot UV or silk and velvet laminations also work great for the same purpose boosting you’re your packaged products feel to the touch.

custom boxes

What’s On the Inside?

When products are unboxed, customers reach the insides of your packaging boxes as well. When you want the ultimate best unboxing experience for your products, taking care of all sides, corners and layers of your packaging is the best option. Lining the insides of your packaging boxes with well-designed and fancy looking paper or other types of lamination can work great. Here are a few finished boxes with beautiful inside designs as well:


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