Review and Accountability If You Are Placed In Isolation,


you will be explained why inmate phone

The decision to isolate yourself is revised within 24 hours: you are then told why you have been isolated, and if isolation is no longer necessary, it ends.

If you have been isolated due to an alleged act of serious misconduct, you will be given a notice of misconduct.

If your solitary confinement is a disciplinary measure in response to misconduct you are guilty of, you will be given a decision notice following a misconduct hearing inmate phone

The decision to place yourself in isolation is reviewed at least every five days; this determines whether your isolation needs to be prolonged.

After 30 days of isolation, the reasons for continued isolation are evaluated. This evaluation must then be performed every 30 days of isolation. She wears :

about your psychological state or your Code needs;

the alternatives to isolation that were considered and rejected, as well as planned revisions or treatment plans that would allow you to move out of isolation.

If you have been placed in isolation for 30 consecutive days:

the head of the institution communicates to the Assistant Deputy Minister, Institutional Services the reasons for your prolonged isolation, including the alternatives considered and rejected, and whether a treatment plan aimed at removing you from isolation has been implemented. square.

If, in one year, you were placed in isolation 60 days (in total):

  • The head of the institution must notify the Assistant Deputy Minister, inmate phone Institutional Services.

Mental health and isolation

Isolation should not be used to sanction or control mentally ill prisoners unless the Department has previously considered alternatives and has rejected them for undue hardship.

If you have mental health problems or mental illness:

you will be assessed as quickly as possible for your care from the time you were placed in isolation;

the assessment will determine the best way to meet your psychological needs and target the mental health services that are right for you;

you will be evaluated at least every five days; this will help you define your psychological needs and, if necessary, modify your treatment plan;

Physicians, psychiatrists and other medical personnel (psychologists, psychometricians, mental health nurses, nurses and social workers) will work together to provide you with the mental health services that are right for you.

Your health is important to us! You have the right to refuse to have the medical staff evaluate you, but we strongly encourage you to cooperate and provide accurate information about your physical and mental health. Mental health services are available at your facility. All discussions and notes related to your mental health will be kept confidential unless your health and safety or that of other inmate phone is compromised.

  • Conditional liberation
  • Parole (Canada)

If you are serving a sentence of two years or more, you must write directly to the local Parole Board of Canada office to inquire about parole. Staff can give you the mailing address

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