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IGN interviewed Namco’s producer , Shinji Noguchi, about the ocean of games ‘s development. He said that even though the game had entirely new properties, Monolith Soft was able to benefit from its role-playing experience , such as Xenosaga 10 . When asked why the game was developed for the GameCube , Noguchi explained that it was to satisfy the need for ocean of games of this genre on this medium, while providing a new role playing experience.

In another interview, Noguchi said the concept was created in 2001 and development began six months 1 . He also provided further details on the employees of Monolith Soft Tokyo , noting that the company consisted of around one hundred people, the majority of whom are video game creators and developers.

A few years later in 2005 , speaking of Eternal Sonata , Hiroya Hatsushiba of tri-Crescendo has indicated that previous work on Baten Kaitos was “a very rewarding and memorable project” ( ”  very Meaningful and memorable project  ” ) for the team. Hatsushiba also expressed his belief that tri-Crescendo has been able to create Eternal Sonata with this previous experience 11 . Development Team [ edit | change the code ]

The background music was performed Sakuraba from the company specializing in sound, tri-Crescendo . tri-Crescendo also realized the combat system that is the particularity of Baten Kaitos  ocean of games The screenplay and the universe come out of the mind of Masato Kato, responsible among others for the backgrounds of Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger .

The rest of the development was provided by Monolith Software, having developed in the past Xenosaga and more recently Disaster Day of Crisis or Soma Bringer , this collaboration has been extended on Baten Kaitos Origins .

Music [ edit | change the code ]

The music of Baten Kaitos: The Eternal Wings and; the Lost Ocean was composed. The game’s music album was recorded by Warner Music Recording Studio and, 2003in the United States . It contains two CDs, a book of 10 pages, a poster, and comments of the producer, the director and the composer 12 .

Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings. and The Lost Ocean Original Soundtrack DISC 1 ( Warner Music Recording Studio ocean of games

2003  : Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and The Original Ocean Lost Soundtrack DISC 2 ( Warner Music Recording Studio )

In France, during the pre-orders, as well as with the first copies of the game in the participating stores, a CD of eight musics of the game was offered 13  ; it was also available for sale on the French Nintendo Club 14 .

The other way to increase the effectiveness of a shot is to use the spiritual numbers. Each card has one to four numbers indicated in its corners, the spiritual figures. The player chooses one of the numbers using the stick C of the controller as soon as he puts the card download free ocean of games apk If the cards following each other have numbers that follow each other (such as 12345 or 876543) or can be placed in pairs, sets , etc. (like

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