How To Personalize A Cup Of Tea?


Forget tea cups without charm and dare to personalize a cup of tea that will add a dose of style, sparkle and a personal touch to your everyday life. Here is a really simple DIY that will guide you in transforming ordinary cups into unique tea cups, and that will give you a host of ideas to personalize all your new favorite cups – beware, this deco project could make you addicted to tea cups beautiful!

Customize your Personalised Coffee Cup  for any occasion

Want to soften your mornings or display your personality around the coffee machine? Looking for the unique gift to give to someone you care about? Sudden motivation for a DIY project that is out of the ordinary and will be really useful? All the reasons are good for personalizing a cup of tea!

Find the perfect cup

Explore the cabinets where the old crockery is piled up, poke around the flea markets or take advantage of great shopping opportunities to find your personalized cup. Whether it’s a clean cup, a Personalised Coffee Cup  in which you can pour liters of liquid, a regular cup, a fine old porcelain or your favorite cup a little old fashioned , all formats can be customized. Keep in mind that a Personalised Coffee Cup  is always a DIY project to become majestic …

Contrast, pattern, marbled effect – anything you like

The plain colors are nothing ordinary, on the contrary, they can give a boost to any cup with a sleek style. Choose your color of the moment, then highlight only part of the cup: the handle, the base, the periphery, the bottom or even the bottom.

For a different style, paint lines and geometric shapes on the cup, making sure to mark the contours of the shapes with painter’s tape. Apply the painting. Once the paint is dried, just remove the ribbon to see the purity of your lines.

You can also add refined details by attaching a stencil to your cup. Then fill it with an attractive color or a metallic shade. Many stencils are available online to guide you in this delicate application.

For all this, get a ceramic or porcelain painting. Be sure to read the instructions that often prescribe the cup’s cooking time, which varies depending on the color of the desired color. This cooking step will allow you not only to fix the color, but especially to prevent it from being diluted during washing.

It is also possible to use nail polish to create a marbled effect. All you need is a large bowl, hot water and nail polish. After gently pouring the nail polish into the warm water, gently soak the cup. Marbled effect guaranteed!

Write a word or two!

The permanent oil-based pencils will allow you to write the message you want on your cup and wash it without fear. Choose from the variety of colors, sizes and tips available on the market. Look for the AP certification and the xylene-free mention that will guarantee you a well decorated cup, but above all without danger to health.

Consider making some calligraphic essays on a sheet of paper to write with an assured hand on your cup. If a blunder occurs or the result does not satisfy you,Personalised Coffee Cup  erase it with a little solvent before starting again. Secure by baking the cup at 350º for 30 minutes.


Like to change your mind? Use slate paint to make your cup a free board to display your state of mind or your thinking of the moment. It is also possible to use a slate sticker that is available in various shapes and colors for an equally original and editable result.

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