The Regime, we Keep the Morale Rapid Tone Diet


The diet is not a competition! You are not automatons. Respect your body and be indulgent with yourself. Find the advice of our nutrition expert, Jean-Michel Cohen, on the occasion of the great slimming record he has concocted in the current Woman currently in newsstands.

Not to give up

A small personal problem can ruin the Rapid Tone DietWe then stop our efforts then we start again and so on. It’s the yoyo Rapid Tone Diet To stay on the length, aim for a goal of reasonable weight and give yourself time to reach it.

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Do not obsess

Wanting to slim down at a time in your life can be legitimate. However, no question of tightening the belt 365 days a year. On pain of depression and deprivation of social life … Learn to be more lenient with yourself when you look in the mirror. And rest assured, your entourage sees more your qualities than your small defects.

See the slimming trick in video: Do not obsess

Do not lose weight too fast

Do not set the bar too high! A loss of 2 to 4 kilos per month is already a satisfactory result. Tell yourself that in principle, the slower the weight loss, the more durable it is.

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Keep morale

It is normal to encounter small periods of stagnation of weight. Be patient and redouble your efforts. For example: move a little more to speed up weight loss. Efforts always end up paying.

See the Slimming Tip on Video: Keeping Morale

On newsstands, discover the  new issue of Femme actuelle  with an exclusive file on Jean-Michel Cohen’s new method from Monday, September 18th.

really want to lose weight and why: take the time to ask questions about his deep motivations (to be prettier, to improve his health parameters, to be more comfortable to move …) is the basis of a successful Rapid Tone Diet

For that, evaluate your own need: do you have a weight of form that you want to find? A fetish item in which you would like to go again Rapid Tone Diet Do you aim for a specific area of ​​your body? As a matter of fact, the goal must be achievable so that you can see yourself getting close to it and keep your motivation. Post your motivations and goals on the fridge, when your morale drops you can see where you are and you reboost at the sight of your goals.


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