How To Enlarge The Penis?


Want to know everything about how to grow your penis? Having a large penis is every man’s dream. Many men try different methods every day to enlarge the size of their penis and worry about their small size, or that they can not satisfy women. They think having a large penis can impress a woman and make other men jealous.

There are several factors that affect the size of the penis in humans. Genetics is the main determinant in penis size, other factors depend on the environment such as: A healthy lifestyle, diet, culture and exposure to chemicals and pollution.

There are two kinds of penises

Penis-unveiled – Penis-unveiled are those that hang, even at rest. When they go from rest to erection, their lengths do not really vary. The penis is simply filled with blood and becomes harder than long.

Penis-growing – Penis-growing are those of men with short penises at rest. The beast will stretch greatly when their penis enters erection. The difference in size between rest and erect status can be several centimeters.

Average Penis Size

There is no average height in adolescents because growth is different for everyone. For adults, the average penis size is about 14-16cm in erection. But a penis is usually considered small under 10cm in erection.

How to Enlarge Your Penis?

Aesthetic surgery to enlarge the penis

Your penis will be manipulated or injected with fat from other parts of your body. This method is particularly used to make its structure thicker. The doctor cuts the ligament somewhere in the pubic bone to expose more available length inside.

Please be careful and critical about the choice of your doctor and the clinic. Think twice before making a decision about enlarging your penis with the help of a surgeon, indeed, no turning back is possible and if a problem occurs you will end up without money and unhappy. Cosmetic surgery is a dangerous game. It’s a little like Russian roulette, we do not really know what will happen.

Pills to enlarge the penis

Pills to enlarge the penisMany people claim that pills do not work. The answer is that it does not necessarily work, but I can also tell you that these people simply have not found the effective pills to enlarge the penis . All penis pills are not identical, there are some, for example, that are designed with herbs and work very well to enlarge the size of the penis .

The best pills to enlarge the penis must contain strong natural ingredients and protect you from side effects. Penis enlargement pills must be able to preserve libido and sexual performance while increasing erectile function. They prevent premature orgasms and quick enjoyment to prolong the act and satisfy men and their companions.

Pumps to enlarge the penis.

You can easily find this kind of products on the internet, these pumps to enlarge the penis claim to enlarge the size of your gear in a natural way. Even if it is possible to enlarge the penis by the use of pumps, it is only effective in the very short term and your penis will soon return to its original size. In addition to this disadvantage, penis pumps are also known to have harmful effects on your penis. Your penis may lose its vigor and ability to erect due to potential damage to the blood vessels.

Weights to enlarge the penis.

Weights to enlarge the penisSince ancient times, the weights to enlarge the penis are considered to be an effective way to enlarge your penis. The process of hanging weights on the head of your penis, which will keep it lying down, will help to enlarge it. However, this technique has its own drawbacks: it prevents a good blood circulation in the penile tissues and reduces the circumference of the penis, which can lead to risks of erectile dysfunction.

Do not use this dangerous technique. Use in its place a stent that is safe and effective.

Foods Promoting Penis Enlargement.

There are a large number of foods that increase the supply of blood flow to all parts of the body, including penis . By adding these foods to your daily diet you will grow your penis considerably. Here is the list: flaxseeds, salmon, oysters, carrots, sweet potatoes, walnuts, blueberries, cherries, watermelon, garlic, ginger, onions .. Here Is Our Recommended product and also check where can i buy man1 man oil.

Exercises to enlarge the penis.

It is proven that exercises to enlarge the penis is the best way to grow and grow your penis for free. No side effects, no danger, and all natural. Guaranteed result .

The only problem is that these exercises are too complicated to do, and that most men do not have the patience to do them regularly. More than 90% give up before being able to obtain a definitive result.

Have More Sexual Relationships.

enlarge the penisMany experts agree that sexual activity can help you enlarge your penis. If the penis is exercising regularly, it will grow and mature. Ejaculation, erection and blood circulation are the areas that will lead to growth, as well as burn fat to reveal the optimal size.

Couples are strongly advised to explore the unknown terrain of their sex life by trying out new positions and techniques. Techniques like the woman above or the missionary are very beneficial to maintain the size and good health of the penis.

Unfortunately, sex alone does not increase the penis. But indirectly, it helps the penis pills to make more effect. So, if you take pills to increase the penis and you do a lot of sex, your penis will grow faster.


All the methods described above are valid to enlarge your penis , but the easiest and especially the most effective while remaining natural is the enlargement technique thanks to the good quality pills, like the ones we recommend on our website (on the yellow button). They have already changed many male lives in more countries, from all over the world. Composed of natural herbs that will lead you to the desired result. Try them!

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